Save the file to your C:\ folder

Extract it to the folder C:\ebtnotescheck

Export your notes data from the EBT website

Copy the CSV file to the folder C:\ebtnotescheck

Click at the Start button and then Run... (sorry, I have only a german Windows for creating screenshots)

Type cmd and hit the OK button

You should see a command window

Type cd c:\ebtnotescheck to change the folder

Enter dir to see the content of the folder

Type ebtnotescheck your_notes_data.csv (in this example the notes data file has the name notes_entered_by_80060.csv)

Now you see the errors that ebtnotescheck found

If you want to have the output in a text file, append > wrongnotes.txt to the last command

You can now open the text file wrongnotes.txt with your favorite text editor